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About CAS

About 20 years ago, or maybe longer, I start building arrows for myself and a few friends for competitive 3-d shoots and leagues.  It seemed that even at a Archery shop you couldn't get the arrows the way you wanted. Usually they had a few options and that was it.
Over the years I've sold arrows all around the world to many customers that demand only top quality arrows to shoot from their top quality bows.  I've very proud and honored to be the arrowsmith for Ted Nugents "Spirit of the Wild" Tv show as well as  Brian Quaca, star of the "Pigman, the series" TV show.
I hope you'll give c.a.s. custom arrows a try, and see what a difference a great set of arrows can make. your bow is only as good as what you shoot out of it. So weather your a beginner and need some help, or if your a seasoned archer, I'd be glad to help. 

Thanks, Cliff Touroo,
c.a.s. custom arrows
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